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Eurobeat & Italo Disco Charts 30th November 1985: Joy St. James, Brian Soares, Modern Rocketry featuring JoLo, Soif De La Vie, Rewind & Ken Laszlo (Remix)

Record Mirror Eurobeat Chart 30th November 1985

The Record Mirror Hi-NRG Chart changed its name to Eurobeat this week, to reflect the more Euro and Italo disco flavour of the records being played in the clubs. As James Hamilton put it in his Discos column: “Eurobeat seems to be catching on fast amongst gay DJs as an alternative and now more accurate description of the Hi-NRG music they play, so, although I’m not convinced it’s as snappy a name, that’s what the relevant RM chart is now called — incidentally, Fantasy ‘He’s Number One’ is number one in more gay charts than anything else, although not in enough to be number one nationally, yet”

Radio Stad Den Haag Chart 30th November 1985

These charts are published by kind permission from Radio Stad Den Haag

By jamiej80sdisco

A collector of Hi-NRG, Italodisco and Eurodisco records for 36 years

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