200+ 80s Classic Hi-NRG Hits

In 1990 Casey Jones, a leading New York club DJ throughout the 1980s, and remixer of many Hi-NRG tracks for the Disconet Program Service in the 80s, put together a list of 200 top Hi-NRG tracks spanning the whole decade, from 1980 to 1989. His top 200 (actually a total of 246 songs) was later published on hotdiscomix.de. Casey’s list is as good a place as any to start a discovery into 80s Hi-NRG. The songs are not ranked in any particular order, being listed purely alphabetically by song title. The major artists associated with Hi-NRG appear in this list, and their names will keep cropping up in subsequent posts – Sylvester, Bobby “O”, Lime, The Flirts, Hazell Dean, Dead Or Alive, to name but a few.

Hi-NRG Top 200 Of The 1980s

Dance Music Report January 1990. Compiled by Casey Jones for http://www.hotdiscomix.de/index.htm

The Original chart can be found here:


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