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Alternative Hi-NRG, Eurobeat & Italo Disco Charts November 1985: MBO 99, Fancy, Max Him, Den Harrow (Remix), Evelyn Thomas (Megamix), Rikki Peebles & Lime

Street Scene Hi-NRG Chart November 1985

Street Scene was a weekly dance music magazine that launched in Britain in autumn 1985. It was the brain child of Morgan Khan, who promoted upcoming dance trends through his StreetWave record label, which licenced many underground American dance tracks for release in the UK. Khan also promoted underground club music with his long running StreetSounds compilation LPs.

The Street Scene magazine pubished its own weekly Hi-NRG chart, compiled by Heaven DJ, Ian Levine. Levine did his own James Hamilton type reviews of the latest Hi-NRG tracks. Sadly, the Street Scene magazine was very short lived, and was only published for around 6 months, due to the losses it made for Khan’s StreetSounds label.

I have managed to find a few of the Hi-NRG charts, thanks to friends at Club 80s Official, and am putting them on the blog in the approximate week that they were published. The charts are pretty similar to the Record Mirror charts, although a few different tracks make an appearance.

Many nightclubs published their own weekly/monthly top 30 charts. Here is a really interesting chart from the best regarded Scottish gay nightclub, Fire Island in Edinburgh, for November 1985. Fire Island was owned by Bill Grainger, who brought Hi-NRG to Scotland and made Hi-NRG extremely popular in Scotland during the mid 80s. Bill had a guest show on Radio Clyde, from where he pushed Hi-NRG to a much wider and more mainstream audience in Scotland.

Fire Island Night Club, Edinburgh, Hi-NRG Chart 30th November 1985

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