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Alternative Hi-NRG & Eurobeat Charts April & May 1987: Amadeus Liszt, Leah Landis, Tony Caso, Lola & Nancy Dean

Over the years I have been searching for 80s Hi-NRG charts from all over the world. Independent record shops made their own charts put together from sales of records in their premises.

The first chart here is from London’s Record Shack shop in Soho. It is quite interesting to see that although Ian Levine had left Record Shack a year earlier, the shop was more than happy to include several of his productions on his own Nightmare label in their chart.

This chart is pretty much a reflection of the Record Mirror chart, but there are some intriguing alternative entires included, like Mike Mareen’s Amadeus Liszt import 12 inch.

Record Shack, London, Hi-NRG Chart April 1987

Central Station Records, Melbourne, Hi-NRG Chart May 1987

This chart is from a record shop in Melbourne, Australia, from May 1987, shows pretty much the same tracks were being played in nightclubs the world over. It would appear from this chart that Bobby Orlando’s productions were really popular in Melboure!

By jamiej80sdisco

A collector of Hi-NRG, Italodisco and Eurodisco records for 36 years

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