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Eurobeat & Italo Disco Chart 27th December 1986: Laserdance, Robby Hood And The Much More & Erasure

There is no Record Mirror Eurobeat Chart nor an I Venti d’Azurro Italo Disco Chart published this week

Radio Stad Den Haag Chart 27th December 1986

These charts are published by kind permission from Radio Stad Den Haag

By jamiej80sdisco

A collector of Hi-NRG, Italodisco and Eurodisco records for 36 years

2 replies on “Eurobeat & Italo Disco Chart 27th December 1986: Laserdance, Robby Hood And The Much More & Erasure”

Love these posts. Do you have a Spotify playlist with a collection of some
favorites of yours? Would love to give a listen.


Hi there
Glad you like the posts and my blog.
I don’t have any Spotify playlists as many of these songs aren’t available on Spotify in the original 12 inch versions.
I do however put many of the songs on to my Youtube channel here –
I have also made some playlists on Youtube on the channel.
You can also find all my mixes on my Mixcloud channel here:

If you’ve found all of these links already I apologise!
I haven’t yet got around to making lists of my own favourite tracks as there are too many tracks to list, and in any case my top 100/200 charges daily!
You will find my top 10 favourite tracks for 1983, 1984 and 1985 on these posts –
and I’ll be posting my top 10 for 1986 in a post next week
I hope you keep enjoying the blog and posts


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