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Hi-NRG & Italo Disco Charts 4th August 1984: Sense, Lime & Albert One

Record Mirror Boystown Disco Hi-NRG Chart 28th July 1984

Radio Stad Den Haag Chart 4th August 1984

These charts are published by kind permission from Radio Stad Den Haag

For a comparison as to what was going on the Hi-NRG scene world-wide, a DJ in South Africa back in 1984 very kindly sent me this chart, showing that Hi-NRG records were finding their way everywhere. DJ Don from Mirage Nightclub in South Africa told me that the Hi-NRG DJs would avidly read the Record Mirror charts everyweek and get the latest records brought back from the UK and Europe by South African Airways crew. This South African chart is pretty much up to date with what was going on elsewhere. It’s interesting to see the South African produced CafĂ© Society’s “Somebody To Love” is still strong in the summer of ’84 in its native South Africa, although it had left both the RM and RSDH charts in the spring of that year.

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A collector of Hi-NRG, Italodisco and Eurodisco records for 36 years

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